MODELS INC AT THE PINK RIBBON FASHION SHOW PRODUCED BY @bang500 & @aaronhandy FOR BREAST CANCER AWARENESS See DMV’s Hottest Models! Fashion with a Purpose!

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YANIQUE OLLIE MOORE | OLLIE QUINN | Luxe styling with femininity, culture, and savvy. Ollie Quinn is based in the capital of America and embodies modern Americana. The Ollie Quinn handbag is for the global nomad in heels with a handbag. Yanique Moore was honored Top 5 internationally by InStyle Magazine at the Independent Handbag Designer Awards. “Our handbags are distinctly global and redefine Americana.  We design value-centered, trend-focused and lifestyle luxury handbags that intertwine the downtown sophisticated and cultured global citizen with a stylish celebration of charm through yesteryears heroines.” Yanique Moore has been featured in Accessories Magazine, CBS News Eye On New York, MSNBC, CapitalFile Magazine, Ebony Magazine, JET Magazine, Washington Life, The Washington Post and in Washington’s Talk Radio community.

Today Models Inc fashion show is dedicated to breast cancer awareness and to benefit breast cancer ORG Supporting Our Sisters International Foundation. The show just wanted everyone to be aware of the troubles that women face with breast cancer and be able to crack a smile while doing it. Notice breast cancer survivors and co-survivors speak about survival and loss. Now with the early discovery of breast cancer and treatment exploration, we can lower the death rates of Black women in the DC area and provide better care and outcomes more favorable outcomes.

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