The Night Is Here

DC Fashion Week 2017 is here and as fashion hits the runway technology makes the competition fierce as these events start to fill up with media. Here we have best and first look into the fashion week by delivering you better content faster. The general purpose of a fashion week experience is to showcase the trends of the upcoming season. It has great value as it is a platform to bring you this exclusive footage of fashion industry couture. This fashion week show is ordinarily held twice a year in the months of February and September and regularly the third week of these months.

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Now it’s time to enjoy our DC made production and photography exclusively from Potomac Arts Magazine “202 Creates.” The most accessible and striking fashion of DC to start 2017.

Ean Williams Fashion Line

Today we have for the Ean Williams collection showcase. This one of a kind design more than highlight exclusive fashion of the DC tri-state area. We all know that fashion never goes out of style, this collection by Ean proves just that. Contained in his art you find the personal style and the touch of DC that he adds. His yearly design innovation is top of his class and its no wonder that he is in his 25th season. But is it just in new fabrics that make Ean’s line special, check out the video below and lets us know in the comments.

Final Showcase

As with every year, the final showcase is the best of the Designers attending DC Fashion week. Ean hand picks designers from around the world to strut the runway present at DC Fashion Week. New York may have the name of fashion but it’s sure that DC has the international exposure of political fashion. In DC, designers also have the chance to expose their collections to Ambassadors, Members of Congress and local elected officials who all attend. Worldwide, a fashion week experience provides great value as it is a platform to let the fashion industry know what’s coming up and all of the media outlets and buyers are present.

Check out some of the designs from designers all around the world below, such as Medici Da Natalia, Abugida Fashion, Iryna Levkovych, Leighel Desiree and more.  Please add Potomac Magazine in your favorites and come visit us often as we will be adding more coverage and articles.  If you would like your designs or brand featured on our magazine please contact us via email or directly via social media.  Don’t forget to add and follow us on your social media as well.


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